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New Year without hassle!

Not only we are preparing for the New Year, but also our pets. The cat, for example, imagined that the tree is a real mouse and hunts for it around the clock. The dog invents insidious plans to steal a garland and has cracked with a dozen gift wraps! But the holiday has not even begun! How to resist mischief-makers and meet a holiday without hassle?

If there is a pet in your house, a special approach is needed to organize the holiday. Otherwise, you risk spending New Year’s Eve not as planned! At the most inopportune moment, a four-legged dodger can knock over a Christmas tree and smash toys, steal an exotic dish from the table and get digestive upset or eat New Year’s rain, condemning his master to an operational trip to the veterinary clinic. There are many such examples, and you are unlikely to want to fill up the list!

New Year without hassle
Our 10 tips will help protect yourself and your pet from unpleasant troubles and problems. Let nothing hinder the holiday!

1. If possible, protect the Christmas tree from the pet. On the Internet, creative owners talk about how to do this. Borrow their ideas or come up with your new way!

2. Discard small and glass toys. It is advisable that the access of the pet was not props that can be broken or swallowed.

3. Refuse sparkles, New Year’s rain and fine tinsel. Especially relevant for cat owners! House hunters can not resist the brilliant decoration and often swallow it. The consequences can be the saddest. Protect your household from danger!

4. Treat your pet only with special treats. New Year is not a reason to share your delicacy with a dog or cat, because there is nothing good in this idea. One second of pleasure can result in a huge number of health problems, ranging from a mild upset to a severe allergic reaction.

5. When receiving guests, make sure that the pet does not run out of the apartment. In the pre-holiday bustle of the agile fugitive it is very easy not to notice. Unfortunately, animals are often lost this way.

6. Take care that the pet does not offend guests, and vice versa. The dog can get nervous from a large number of people in the apartment and behave unfriendly. And the cat without scratch will scratch the little offenders who decided to pat him by the ears. Be careful. Isolate pets or discuss rules for communicating with them with guests.

7. It is better to close off sensitive, stressed pets during the celebration in a separate room, where it is as calm and quiet as possible.

8. If the pet is very afraid of noise and fuss, help him survive the stress. Consult with your veterinarian and he will recommend safe sedatives for your pet.

9. Crackers are best used outdoors.

10. Going for a walk with crackers and firecrackers, do not bring your pet! Even the bravest dog can get scared of loud noise and get off the leash, not to mention cats!

If it seems to you that the pet wants to celebrate the holiday on a grand scale and take a walk with you in a noisy crowd, you are mistaken. On New Year’s Eve, the best place for your pet is a warm, cozy and safe home.

New Year without hassle
We are sure that you will take care of your pet in the best way! We wish you the best holiday. Holiday greetings!

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