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Do cats and dogs need vitamins?

Well-being of a pet is impossible without a balanced diet. Lack or excess of vitamins and minerals in the body makes animals lethargic and lethargic, provokes the development of serious diseases. To prevent this from happening, it is important to maintain a balance: a pet must consume exactly as many nutrients every day as he needs. How to achieve this? Will vitamin and mineral complexes help?

For the harmonious development of the pet, it is necessary to properly feed. But what is proper feeding? This is not only quality and good composition, as many people think. Proper feeding is also:

compliance of the feed with the needs of the body at a particular life stage (rapid growth, pregnancy, sterilization, old age, etc.);

compliance with feeding standards so that the pet does not overeat and vice versa;

compliance with the feeding regimen;

regular availability of fresh drinking water next to the feed;

diet stability (a cat or a dog should be fed only with products intended for this purpose, but not at all delicacies from its table).

If all these criteria are met, the puppy or adult dog, kitten or adult cat will receive all the necessary nutrients daily and they will not need to give vitamins.

There is only one problem: at home, the owner, the more inexperienced, it is very difficult to take into account all these nuances. Therefore, with a natural type of feeding, veterinarians recommend giving cats and dogs special vitamin-mineral complexes. This is necessary for the well-being of the pet and a well-groomed appearance.

With a natural type of feeding, dogs and cats need to be given vitamins!

The situation changes when the owner on a regular basis gives the pet a balanced ready-made food of the super premium class (it does not matter wet or dry). If the food is selected correctly (that is, it meets the pedigree and individual needs of the dog or cat), the pet does not need additional vitamins and minerals.

Do cats and dogs need vitamins?
In the feed of the super premium class, the composition is strictly balanced, and the pet does not need anything else. It is only important to choose the right ruler. For example, for kittens and puppies, you need to choose the appropriate rulers, and not feed them a diet for adult cats. Sterilized animals, as well as animals with a tendency to allergies and other diseases, also need specialized feeds.

If you feed your pet with finished super premium class food on a regular basis, he does not need additional vitamins and minerals.

If you think that the chosen food does not fit the pet, be sure to consult a veterinarian.

We wish your pets only a first-class and very useful menu!

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