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What shampoo to choose for a dog and cat?

A good shampoo is everything! Do you agree? The hair after it is soft and silky, the color seems to come to life, the skin breathes and remains clean for a long time. That is why we are so diligently choosing means for ourselves. But the same with pets! What shampoo to wash a dog or cat to maintain their health and beauty?

The beauty of the skin and coat of a dog or cat is not a given, but a consequence of proper care.Such care includes a balanced diet, active leisure, regular vaccination, treatment against parasites and, of course, correctly selected cosmetics! Unfortunately, many owners still wash their pet with soap or their shampoo, and then wonder where it comes from dandruff, itching and why hair falls out.

Inappropriate shampoo provokes dermatological diseases, hair loss and tarnishing.

What shampoo to wash a dog and a cat?
The requirements for shampoo for pets are approximately the same as for human ones. There are many nuances, but if summarized, you can make the right purchase in three steps!
Step 1: composition. It is advisable to choose shampoos without lauryl sulfate (SLS) and EDTA. Such shampoos are more expensive than “ordinary”, but you can not worry about the health of the pet.
Why are lauryl sulfate (SLS) and EDTA dangerous?

Lauryl sulfate (SLS) is the sodium salt of lauryl sulfuric acid, a surfactant. Used in pharmacology and added to detergents for a strong cleaning effect and the formation of foam.

Due to its low cost, SLS can be found in most dishwashing detergents, in shampoos and toothpastes. In small concentrations, the substance is safe, but with prolonged use it can cause dryness, peeling of the skin, hair loss, rash. For those with sensitive skin and those prone to dermatological diseases, SLS products are best avoided.

EDTA is an ethylene diamine tetraacetic acid that has a chelating property. In cosmetics, this substance is added to enhance the action of the ingredients. However, EDTA has the ability to accumulate in the body and over time negatively affects the functioning of cells, and with regular contact can have a toxic effect.

European experts in the field of natural cosmetics recommend avoiding products with EDTA. In addition, this substance has a safe natural analogue – phytic acid.

Modern shampoos for dogs and cats
Step 2: Assignment
The chosen shampoo should be suitable for a particular pet: its type of skin and coat, color, age. So, a kitten needs to be washed with shampoo for kittens, not for adult cats, and shorthair shampoos for long-haired pets will not work.

Please note that professional funds are not necessarily divided into cat and dog. They can be assigned according to the type of coat and are suitable for both cats and dogs. For example, all Iv San Bernard and All Sytems shampoos are suitable for both dogs and cats.

To buy the perfect shampoo, it is important to correctly determine the type of coat of your pet and familiarize yourself with the classification of funds from a particular brand. Iv San Bernard, a global brand of pet cosmetics, classifies products as follows:

– for longhair. Suitable for pets with hair that grows in length throughout life;

– for medium-haired. Suitable for pets with undercoat and hair that grows to a certain length, as well as for dogs with stiff and voluminous hair;

– for shorthair. Suitable for pets with a minimal amount of short undercoat and short outer hair.

You should be especially careful when choosing a product for pets with a snow-white color. Most bleaching agents contain aggressive substances in their composition, so the composition must be studied very carefully.
All shampoos and conditioners must be used according to the instructions, otherwise shades may appear on the coat.

A real catastrophe poor-quality or inappropriate shampoo will turn out for animals with sensitive skin. One application will strengthen existing problems, and regular contact will lead to a complex of dermatological problems and hair loss.

Regardless of the type of coat, apply shampoo to your pet after shampooing. It eliminates static, prevents the drying out of the hair and the formation of tangles, nourishes and moisturizes the hair. Regular use of the balm also prevents the appearance of an unpleasant odor from the dog.

Step 3: consultation with professionals.
In pet care, it is better not to experiment. The well-being of your beloved dog or cat is at stake, and you hardly want to risk it. In order not to make a mistake with the choice of funds, it is useful to consult with experts: veterinary specialists, breeders or groomers. It is important to find a professional whom you will trust and who you can contact in case of questions.

When choosing shampoos yourself, give preference to professional brands that are used in grooming salons and veterinary clinics around the world. These are brands such as ISB, Bio-Groom, Oster, All Systems and others. At the moment, they embody the highest standards of cosme

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