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White Wool Care

Cats and dogs with a white color have always been popular. You must admit that they are very spectacular, and are also associated with cleanliness, a bright morning and the first snow! That’s just due to improper care, the wool can lose its whiteness. Why does white coat turn yellow or pink? How to feed a white dog and cat? What shampoo to wash? About this in our article.
The nuances of caring for a snow-white pet
If you have a cat or dog with a white color, knowledge about grooming needs to be expanded.Snow-white pets are more prone to allergic reactions and dermatitis, more sensitive to changes in the diet, and any, even the most minor pollution on their coat is immediately noticeable.

According to many, white is the most spectacular. It always attracts attention and raises rave reviews. However, he is also the most difficult to care for. But do not rush to be upset! The main thing is to learn a few rules, and then everything will be fine with the hair of a pet! Here they are.

Remove contamination from wool in a timely manner.
If on a dark pet you can not notice the dust, then on snow-white any dirt like a signal lamp. If a cat crawls under a sofa, and a dog walks in slushy weather, there will be no trace of virgin whiteness!

It is better to remove any dirt from the wool as quickly as possible: the white coat quickly loses its appearance. How to do this depends on the degree of contamination. Sometimes it is enough to brush off the dust with a wet brush, and sometimes a full bath is required.

White Wool Care
How to wash a white dog and cat?

Remember that snow-white pets are more prone to allergies than their cousins? And now one more news! Unsuitable bathing products can not only lead to skin problems, but also worsen the color: make it faded and cause shades. Therefore, you need to choose shampoos and conditioners very carefully.

Prefer professional remedies without aggressive ingredients in the composition, designed specifically for white dogs and cats.

Examples include ISB Traditional Line Dianonds bleaching and brightening shampoos, Bio-Groom Super White Shampoo, 1 All Systems Whitening Shampoo, 1 All Systems Lightening Shampoo, ISB Traditional Line Cristal Clean shampoos and conditioners.

Perform grooming on time
Grooming is the key to health and a well-groomed kind of pet, especially snow-white! Comb your pet regularly, do not miss haircuts and trimming. Renewal of the coat is an important step to maintain snow-white color.

Maintain the right diet
Why does a white dog’s hair turn pink? Why does a white cat’s hair turn yellow? In many cases, the cause is an unbalanced diet.

If the acid balance is disturbed, shades may appear on the coat. But do not worry: as soon as you start to feed the pet correctly, the coat will become plain again.

How to care for a white cat?
How to feed a white dog and cat?

Experts recommend choosing balanced dry food in the super premium class: they have the perfect composition. The pet will receive daily everything that he needs. There is only one “but”. Even the best food will be powerless if the owner ignores the feeding rate and along with the prepared diet will treat the pet with delicacies from the table.

Be careful, stick to one line of food, and if you want to pamper your pet with something delicious, choose balanced treats especially for dogs and cats.

Monitor your pet regularly
A change in coat color may indicate internal diseases. To protect your pet and yourself from unpleasant surprises, keep his health under control. Contact your veterinarian not only when there is a problem, but also for prevention. And, of course, do not miss scheduled vaccinations and treatments for parasites.

Be constant
Healthy snow-white coat is the result of regular comprehensive care. It is impossible to give a pet “good” food today, and tomorrow “bad” food, to wash it with one or another means.

Obtain suitable care products, suitable food as soon as possible, and do not change them unless absolutely necessary. Practice and follow a care plan. Not only the color quality, but also the quality of life of your pet as a whole depends on this.

How to whiten wool quickly?
Usually such a question torments the owners on the eve of the pedigree exhibition. Dull hair and various shades of color are a common cause of low marks in the ring, and in some cases, disqualifications.

Preparations for the exhibition need to start in a few weeks. Wash your pet with a professional whitening or brightening shampoo and apply conditioner to enhance the shade. There is another way – right at the exhibition, apply special powder on the wool to brighten the white color (such as Show Tech).

After the exhibition, be sure to bathe your pet in order to remove all cosmetics from it.

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