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What kind of pet to have for a child?

Pets and children – concepts … compatible, and even very! A pet is the key to personal development. It helps to instill in a child a sense of responsibility, kindness, love for animals and gives self-confidence. But which pet is better to have a child? Unpretentious fish? Affectionate cat? Loyal dog? Let’s figure it out together!

Many parents believe that it is best for a child to have the most unpretentious, trouble-free pet. But the truth is that these do not happen. Yes, a fish requires less attention than, for example, a dog, but caring for it has its own nuances.

No matter how tiny the pet, it will require attention, time, cost. Like any of us, he may get sick and will need your help. Do not focus on “hassle-free”, choosing a family member!

Pet for baby
What kind of pet to have in an apartment for a child: pros and cons
Fish and turtles
Fish and turtles (both aquatic and terrestrial) undoubtedly require less attention than dogs and cats. They do not need to walk regularly, they do not need to be treated for parasites and taken for vaccination, they will not spoil shoes and furniture, and in the case of a trip, it is easy to entrust their care to neighbors.

It is pleasant to watch the slow movements of fish and turtles. The aquarium in the house is your personal marine corner, which will always cheer you up. By the way, according to psychologists, aquarium fish help hyperactive children and children with attention deficit disorder. Observation of unhurried movements of pets in the water column positively affects the psyche, relieves stress and improves concentration.

With the help of special decorations and original lighting, you can build not just an aquarium or a terrarium, but a real masterpiece that will decorate the interior.

The novice owner mistakenly believes that caring for fish and turtles is easy. But in practice, he will have to deal with a lot of questions: how to recreate the optimal conditions for a particular pet, what equipment is needed for this, which fish will get along with each other, than to feed a water or land turtle? There are a lot of nuances, and all of them will have to be studied and put into practice.

Aquariums and aquaterrariums must be cleaned regularly. You have to replace the water, wash the aquarium and equipment, and this is not an easy task.

But the main minus for the child is that you can’t play with a fish or a water turtle, the emotional affection and real friendship that all children dream of will not form between them. The story with the land turtle is different: it can be stroked and picked up, but rarely and with care. Despite the strong shell, the tortoise is very easy to injure. So she is not the best companion!

What kind of pet to have for a child?
The cage will not take up much space in the apartment, and the parrot will become a fun friend for all time. He can be taught to pronounce words and accustomed to sit on his shoulder. You can play with him, he can be ironed, and his care is simple.

Parrots remember their owners and, when handled properly, become attached to them. They are capable of real friendship.

Bright and sunny, parrots seem to give a piece of the tropics. As a rule, children adore them!

Parrots are very noisy. They can interfere with sleep at night and ring around the clock. Exotic parrots, such as Loris, can be complex. They are offended by the owners, angry and even bite.

A parrot can fly out of an open window, and the chance to return it is very low. Release the bird from the cage is under strict control, having previously closed all the windows in the apartment.

What kind of pet to have for a child?
Rodents and ferrets
Rodents are a huge group in which it is easy to find a pet to their liking. Mouse, hamster, rat or degu? Guinea pig, chinchilla or rabbit? Or maybe a ferret (he, by the way, does not apply to rodents).

All rodents are very different, and this is a big plus. Almost everyone will be able to find a pet in this group.

Ferrets and many rodents (such as rats, guinea pigs and chinchillas) are very social and affectionate. With good treatment, they become attached to the owners and gladly go into the arms. And this, of course, will please the child!

Rodent care is easy. An exception is ferrets, which in terms of maintenance are more reminiscent of cats.

For rodents and ferrets, you need a simple but regular care: otherwise, an unpleasant odor will quickly spread throughout the apartment.

Ferrets are very active. They will need a lot of toys and the attention of the owners to splash out their energy, otherwise the defeat in the apartment can not be avoided.

Some rodents do not like to contact people and in case of fright can bite.

Rodents, even the most sociable and social, have a very sensitive nervous system and a tendency to stress. They need a calm atmosphere and an extremely careful attitude.

Most rodents do not live long. Losing a pet can be a real tragedy for a child.

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