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Do dogs and cats need air conditioning?

For washing dogs and cats, special shampoos are used, which are selected according to the type of skin and coat. For complete care after shampoo, experts recommend using conditioner. But is it really necessary? Let’s get it right.

Even if the pet never leaves the apartment, it must be bathed. A cat or dog may seem clean, but over time dust will accumulate on the coat. From a pet, she gets on household items, and in the process of licking in his gastrointestinal tract.

Do cats need air conditioning?
Periodic bathing with the use of special shampoo helps maintain hygiene. A good shampoo effectively removes dirt, excess sebum from the coat and maintains a well-groomed appearance. Nevertheless, after washing, even with the best shampoo, the hair can get confused, electrify, and do not fit well. Why it happens? Does this mean that the shampoo is not high enough or just not suitable for a particular pet?

In fact, “problematic” wool after shampooing is normal, and even expected. To remove maximum impurities, a high-quality professional shampoo works as follows: it reveals the keratin flakes of the outer shell of the hair and deeply cleans it. The result is achieved, but the hair at the same time loses a smooth structure. If it is not “smoothed”, it will begin to fluff, lose moisture and shine, the hair will become tangled, break and get tangled up. Avoid this allows air conditioning.

To protect your pet from skin and hair problems, be sure to use conditioner after shampoo! It is necessary for any domestic dog and cat.

After washing with shampoo, it is the conditioner that evens the protective shell of the hair and closes the tousled scales. Properly selected product creates a protective layer around the hair, facilitates combing and prevents the hair from electrifying. As a result, the hair becomes even smoother and more elastic than it was before swimming. But there is more to come!

Professional air conditioners:

neutralize the washing components of the shampoo remaining on the skin and wool, which can be very difficult to wash off,

restore normal pH

protect hair and skin from overdrying and environmental damage,

improve blood circulation, nourish and strengthen the hair follicle,

normalize the sebaceous glands,

restore the damaged structure of the wool, give it additional properties: elasticity, volume, softness, silkiness, enhance color, etc.

For best results, it is recommended to use a professional shampoo and conditioner of the same line. Make sure that the funds are suitable for the individual characteristics of your pet.

Do dogs and cats need air conditioning?
Well, do pets need air conditioning? The answer is obvious!

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