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Cat and baby in the same house

A replenishment is expected in your family, and you worry how the cat will react to the baby? Or maybe you want to take a little kitten so that it grows with the child? Will the cat and child live in the same house? How do cats relate to newborn babies? We analyze all these issues in our article.

Are cats dangerous for children?
There are people who are sure that cats are dangerous for children. What if an allergy? Suddenly worms? Suddenly fleas?But if an allergy can really be a problem (you can’t guess here), then the other risks are exaggerated.

If the cat is domesticated and is monitored (regularly vaccinated and treated for parasites, taken for examination by a veterinarian, do not practice self-walking and do not allow the cat to dig in the bin), it does not pose a threat to the child’s health and there are no restrictions on the child’s communication with no cat. Exception: scratches, but we will talk about them below.

Cat and baby in the same house
How do cats relate to newborns?
Future parents often worry: how will the old-timer cat accept the child? The Internet knows a lot of stories about cat jealousy and revenge, and this does not add peace to parents.

In practice, all cats are individual, and you can never say exactly how a particular cat will relate to a particular baby. Of course, there are times when a pet begins to be jealous of its owners and offended, but most often cats ignore newborn children.

The interest of cats in children appears later, when the little one begins to crawl or walk and himself chases the cat. But here, not every cat will succumb to provocations. Some pets categorically avoid children, others are affectionate and neat with them, and there are those who are not averse to releasing claws.

Much in the relationship between a pet and a baby depends on the temperament of a particular cat, on the character of the baby, but most importantly, on the parents. They should not leave the child unattended, in addition, it is they who will teach the baby to handle the pet, and the pet – with the baby.

Cat and newborn
A cat and a small child in the house: what to look for?
The most important thing in keeping a cat and a child under one roof is safety, both of them. The task of the owners is to control the pet’s health: timely treat it from parasites and vaccinations, visit a veterinarian not only in case of problems, but also as a preventative measure.

A child in the house is a good reason to sterilize a pet. If you still have not decided to do this, now is the time. A sterilized pet is more balanced and less likely to present unpleasant surprises.

And one more important point: if the pet has problems with behavior, it is better to solve them before the baby. Contact a specialist (zoopsychologist), he will help adjust the behavior of the pet.

How to establish a joint life of a cat and a child under one roof?
1. Pay attention to the pet

The appearance of a child in the family is the most important event in life. Of course, at first all your attention will be focused on the baby. But you should not forget about the pet, so that he does not feel unnecessary and abandoned. Take a moment to scratch the cat behind the ear. Talk to him. Let the cat sniff the baby and its things. Let the cat become a participant in the process, and not remain “behind the stern”.

Cats that have lost the attention of their owners can harbor resentment and become unsociable.

2. A cozy and quiet place for a cat

Children in the house are always noise, vanity and a lot of toys everywhere. To maintain peace of mind, a small predator should always have a place where she can retire and relax, where no one will bother her.

3. One on one

No matter how affectionate the cat may be, it should not be left alone with the child. Even if the cat has been living with you for 10 years and you know all of his habits from and to, he remains an animal and his behavior can be unpredictable.

4. Delineation of space

You must have seen photos more than once, where children and cats sleep happily in the same crib. All this looks nice, but it’s better to set boundaries for the pet and prevent it from jumping into the bed and places where the diapers are stored, clothes for the baby – in short, everything that is close to the body. So you protect the baby from wool and dirt that may be on the cat.

Cat and baby in the same house
Comb your cat regularly. This will help remove dead hair and maintain cleanliness!

5. Clawing

Do not hope that the cat will never scratch the baby. Most likely, such an incident will happen, and more than once. Your task is to minimize this probability and minimize the consequences. To protect the child from severe scratches, regularly shorten the cat’s claws.

6. Toys

A cat just needs a special variety of toys. She needs them even without children in the house, and when there are children – especially! Toys will distract the attention of the home predator from the amusing chubby legs of a peanut and help direct energy in the right direction. And when the baby grows up, he will be able to play them with a cat.

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