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Why is the cat screaming at night?

Cats are amazing creatures and not loving them is simply impossible! However, even the cutest pet can bring the owner to a white heat. For example, if you make it a rule to yell at night, so loud that you can say goodbye to sleep! What is this habit connected with?

The cat yells at night: reasons
Hormonal bursts.
If your pet is not sterilized, chances are that the cause of nocturnal ora lies in the hormonal boom. Cats often start screaming in the spring. They feel the call of instincts, hear the cries of relatives from the window, and the air seems to soar romantic moods – is it possible to sit still? Here the pet is worried, screaming, demanding that the owner let him go in search of the second half. But to do this, of course, is not worth it.

Cats that know the mating cry even harder than their innocent brethren. It is a mistake to believe that it is enough to take a pet “on a date” once a year, and he will be calm. Nature has much more impressive appetites, and cats need to be driven much more often. Therefore, if the pet is not involved in breeding, it is wiser to resort to sterilization.

But why does a castrated cat scream at night? After sterilization, the hormonal background does not equalize immediately, and the behavior normalizes gradually. However, if you dragged on the procedure and the cat is already used to making serenades under the door, it will be much more difficult to wean him from this.
Boredom is an equally common cause of night shouts. Cats are nocturnal animals. When the whole house is asleep, they have nowhere to put themselves to, no one to run for, no one to “talk to” and play. So they express their longing as they can. In this case, a scream.

Attempts to attract attention.
Some pets are real manipulators. Perhaps they believe that it is harmful for the owner to sleep all night, and correct the situation with their vocal exercises. Of course, they would be more pleased if the owner woke up happy and played with them in the teaser. But if you rush after a cat in an apartment with a newspaper in your hand – not bad either. Surprisingly, there are a lot of cats in the world who love such catch-ups. Indeed, even if the priest arrives, the goal has already been achieved!

The cat yells at night: reasons
Kittens at night concerts express their yearning for their mother, seek attention and protection, because alone feel stress. As you grow older, this behavior goes away.

The cat wants a walk.
Sometimes owners themselves provoke unwanted behavior in their pets. For example, yesterday you decided to take the cat out for a walk “just like that”, without aiming for regular walks. And the cat liked it, and now she’s bored of sitting in the apartment. Hence the screams under the door.

Unfortunately, serious diseases can also be the cause of cat screams. The cat feels unwell, feels anxiety, and possibly pain, which is expressed by a scream. Usually, other symptoms indicate an ailment. In any case, it is better to play it safe and take the cat to the vet clinic for an appointment.

Each of us likes to think that everything is always under our control. But do not forget that pets are living things with their own characteristics and needs, with their nature. And they can largely disagree with us! If the cat’s “bad” behavior seems to be unreasonable, it’s not necessary that it is. Study the pet’s habits, observe it and do not forget that you always, under any circumstances, remain a family and a team!

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