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The cat screams at night: what to do?

In a previous article, we looked at why a cat screams at night. And today we’ll talk how to wean him from this annoying habit. What to do if a cat yells at night?

How to wean a cat yelling at night?
Talk to your veterinarian.
Your pet was always calm and slept soundly at night, but suddenly started yelling at night? Talk to your veterinarian before taking up parenting. It will help determine the cause of “bad” behavior and tell you what measures to take. It may recommend safe sedatives or sexually active products.

Only a veterinarian can prescribe sedatives and hormones (like any other medicine) to a cat. Do not engage in amateur performances!

If the reason for the nightly concerts lies in the hormonal surge, and you do not plan to engage in breeding, then it’s time to think about sterilization. After this procedure, your pet’s character will only improve. Most importantly, he will no longer suffer from unsatisfied instincts.

Please note that for the first time after sterilization, the cat can continue its vocal exercises. But gradually the hormonal background will even out, and this habit is likely to remain in the past.

The ideal time for sterilization is 1 year. Late sterilization may not solve behavioral problems, as the habits of adult cats are firmly fixed.

The cat yells at night: what to do?
Because of boredom, cats scream no less than because of sexual hunting. In this situation, special night toys for cats will help you. The more they will be, the better. Your goal is to provide your cat with interesting leisure activities so that she can be at work while you sleep.

Active pastime day and evening.
Another proven way is to “exhaust” the cat during the day and especially before bedtime. Make her run and jump properly, take her out for a walk, and if possible, do not let her sleep in the daytime. The more the cat gets tired during the day, the more she will sleep at night.

Hearty dinner.
A plentiful late dinner is a tricky move that always works. You can reduce portions a little during the day, and give a weighty portion to your pet at night. Tired and fed up, he, quite possibly, will wake up to the very alarm clock!

Get another cat.
The cat misses you at night, but you can’t figure out how to entertain him? Perhaps the time has come to have another cat? In most cases, problems from two cats are much less than from one. They are almost always busy with each other!

If a kitten screams
Kittens scream because of the stress of separation from their mother, adaptation to new conditions and homesickness. Do not worry, it will pass over time. In the meantime, try to distract the baby with interesting toys, give him a cozy couch with high sides (they create associations with his mother’s side), spend as much time with him as possible. Kittens are like children, and in the same way they need our care and protection.

Kitten screaming at night
What can not be done?
Even if the cat has brought you to white heat, it should never be beaten. If you can’t stand it at all, you can click on the nose, hit the pope with a newspaper rolled up, or spray water with a spray bottle. However, we will disappoint you: there will be no sense from these actions. The pet will either hide behind the sofa and scream from there, or continue its concert as soon as you again lie down in bed.

The main thing is to understand that the cat does not scream to spite you. No matter how strange it may seem to us, but for a scream she has reasons. And eliminating them by punishment is impossible.

But what the punishment will lead to is the deterioration of relations between you. Cats are very intelligent and vindictive creatures. They can be deeply offended by the owners, “take revenge”, and in the worst case, they will start to fear and avoid you. Do not bring to this!

Feline live by their own laws. To better understand your pet, it is useful to study its nature, habits and in no case equal it to yourself. Try it, and parenting will not seem like such a difficult task!

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