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How do pets manipulate us?

Are we getting pets or are pets getting us? What is hidden behind the gentle purr of the cat, the pitiful eyes of a faithful dog or the tilt of the head of a parrot? Still think these are geniuses of manipulation? There it was! Read about the three most skilled manipulators in the world in our article.

Top 3 brilliant manipulators

Our Top 3 is opened by birds: parrots, canaries and other domesticated birds. If you think that these pets are uncommunicative and not human-oriented, you do not know them well!

In practice, every self-respecting parrot knows how to lure the owner into the game, rob him of a delicious treat or beg for a walk around the apartment. And for this he has a lot of different tricks!

The bird can stretch on one foot and look at you carefully, tilting its head slightly and causing a stormy stream of emotion. Or it can go into an aggressive attack: persistently encircle you, seeing your favorite treat in your hand, or grab it on the fly.

So much for the defenseless bird!

How do pets manipulate us?
We give the second place in the Top to the dogs!

The story goes that dogs are man’s best friends. However, this does not prevent them from skillfully manipulating us!

Dogs have a great effect on visual reactions, feel our weaknesses and are able to imitate our behavior. Your dog can be perfectly obedient to you and behave completely indecently with other members of your family.

Reception, proven over the years: to seize the moment when the owner is not nearby, select the “weak link” from those around, put his head on his knee during dinner and look as plaintively as possible. The treat will certainly arrive! So claim later that your “well-mannered” dog never begs for food!

Harvard scientists, and with them the scientists at the University of Vienna Psychology, are convinced that dogs deliberately imitate human facial expressions and gestures.

Even if your four-legged friend is perfectly executing commands, do not be sure that you are the master of the situation!

How do pets manipulate us?
And, of course, cats come first! These cute villains knelt all of Ancient Egypt! And if you think about it, we worship cats today.

The power of cats over us is unlimited. We often seek their attention, we are touched by a velvet purr, we admire the feline grace and become completely inadequate when we find our pets sleeping in funny poses!

Scientists from the University of Vienna are convinced that cats intentionally establish a close emotional relationship with their owners and use different tactics for this. They can behave like children, slightly hint, indiscreetly demand and, of course, act up. In addition, treacherous pets never just do it! Be sure if the cat gently pokes into your hand – it needs something from you!

But geniuses of manipulation would not be themselves without secret weapons. In cats, these are sounds! Studies conducted at Cornell University showed that the range of sounds for communicating with humans in cats is much wider than for communicating with relatives. These manipulators produce sounds of a certain tonality that are accurately interpreted by our ear. Well, someone, but cats know how to show us their interest or, on the contrary, unwillingness to communicate with us.

While we were touched by cat paws, cats studied us up and down and developed a special language that affects us unerringly. Even if a person has never dealt with cats, the tonality of a feline meow affects him as well as an experienced cat breeder!

A group of scientists led by Karen McComb, argues that for a meowing cat meow choose a range similar to that of a baby crying. And all so that we abandoned our affairs and rushed to their aid. Or brought a toy. Or a delicious sausage. Or changed the filler in the tray. In a word, fulfilled any desire!

How do pets manipulate us?
You can think of ways to manipulate endlessly. However, here it is a fact: our favorites know how to manage us. For this, they have enough charm, and cunning, and childlike spontaneity (you must admit, that one is still a set!). Well, how can I resist?

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